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“Joni was found unconscious in her home this afternoon,” said a statement on the Mitchell website. “She is currently in intensive care undergoing tests and is awake and in good spirits.”. It wasn’t immediately clear what illness she had. Los Angeles fire officials said paramedics answered an afternoon 911 call in Bel Air, where Mitchell lives, and took a patient to the hospital. But they could not verify her identity or give details on her condition. The 71-year-old singer-songwriter told Billboard magazine in December that she has an unusual condition, Morgellons disease, which prevents her from performing. Still, she released a career-spanning four-disc box set last year and appeared at Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party in February.

Mitchell has received eight Grammy Awards, including a lifetime achievement award in 2002, She was inducted into the Rock and amazon ballroom dance shoes Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, She started her career as a street musician in her native Canada before moving to Southern California, where she became part of the flourishing folk scene in the late 1960s, Her second album, “Clouds,” was a breakthrough with such songs as “Both Sides Now” and “Chelsea Morning,” winning Mitchell the Grammy for best folk performance, Her 1970 album, “Ladies of the Canyon,” featured the hit single “Big Yellow Taxi” and the era-defining “Woodstock.” The following year, she released “Blue,” which ranks 30th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.”..

Musician and arranger Michael Pens is the Terra Nova band director, which includes leading the marching band at the home football games, competitions, rallies, in the Fog Fest parade and at all other marching band events. (Terra Nova’s concert/symphonic, jazz and pep bands are also under the Pens baton.). “Three years ago we brought Eric Lopez on board to work with our color guard,” Pens said. “He works with them in the fall for our field shows and choreographs all of their performances. This year he wanted to start a winter guard.”.

Winter guard is an indoor performance that is accompanied by pre-recorded music as opposed to a marching band, Winter guards compete independently in winter guard circuits, “I’ve been reluctant to do winter guard because of time issues,” Pens said, “Spring is already so busy with our musical, regular concerts, fundraisers, plus graduation, But because Eric was willing to design it and do all the work — this year was the perfect time.”, Lopez chose minimalist classical music, layered by narrative which discussed the works by the famous Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian as amazon ballroom dance shoes the performance piece of Terra Nova’s Winter Guard, The members of winter guard began rehearsing in December, every Tuesday night for several hours, and every Saturday as well, The result is jaw-dropping, an exquisite ballet of movement, dance, grace and dexterity which makes use of the color guard flag and replica elite rifle, Terra Nova’s Winter Guard competed with local high schools in the same division, These high schools included: American, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, Mission San Jose, Concord, Foothill, Granada and Livermore, Competitions took place on March 7 at Vallejo High School, with two competitions on March 14 at Livermore High School and Granada High School (both in Livermore), Terra Nova’s Winter Guard took 1st place at all three competitions..

“We are so proud of our winter guard,” Pens said. “And they are proud too. They put a lot of work into a big commitment. Their first season was hugely successful.”. “First season?” Is the band director implying there will be more seasons?. “Of course there will,” Pens laughed. “Once they are in we just keep going.”. To view this extremely talented team of dedicated individuals, visit the Terra Nova Winter Guard winning performance at Granada High school at:

The most exciting effect, however, was that the show materialized at all, Burdened by a legacy of fiscal mismanagement and internecine fighting, BSJ has struggled to find its artistic and financial footing since the 2012 ouster of founding artistic director amazon ballroom dance shoes Dennis Nahat, The company seemed to get a fresh start when former American Ballet Theatre star Jose Manuel Carreno joined as artistic director in September 2013, followed by CEO Alan Hineline mid-2014, But the debt proved insurmountable, and on March 4 of this year, Hineline announced a desperate appeal: unless the company raised $550,000 from the public by March 14, it would fold, Between major gifts, a $105,000 city arts grant and more than a few allowances handed over by local children, the campaign generated $640,000 and saved the season, It was well worth the effort..

The evening opened with the world premiere of “This Must Be True,” the third collaboration between San Francisco Ballet choreographer Amy Seiwert and Berlin-based interactive video designer Frieder Weiss, whose motion-triggered software produced dynamic projections on a screen behind the dancers. Rather than merely decorating standard choreography with special effects, Seiwert choreographed the work with the technology in mind. Synchronized duets and ensembles generated rhythmic waves and smoky billows on the screen, echoing the electronic beats, bells and samples in the recorded score, selections from Nils Frahm and Anne Muller’s album “7Fingers.” Extended pause allowed the graphics to radiate off the screen, and then abrupt movements triggered new sequences. Duets by Annali Rose with James Kopecky and Grace-Anne Powers with Joshua Seibel cast off showers of sparks on the screen and in their personal chemistry.

Simple white satin pants and leotards kept the focus on the bodies in motion, It now seems prescient that BSJ commissioned Jessica Lang’s “Eighty One” for the 2013 season, The company’s first foray into the tech-dance nexus, it features post-robotic movement and a computer-based, gesture-controlled theremin score played live by composter Jakub Ciupinski (how nice to have live music, which has mostly been sacrificed in the past two years as a cost-cutting measure), Lang amazon ballroom dance shoes whittled the ballet vocabulary down to micro-jetes, eggbeater chaine turns and fierce tendus, linked by invisible transitions and topped with flicking arms, Solos merge into synchronized lines like particles of space dust pulled together by gravity, The effect was hypnotic, and the audience surrendered happily, Alex Kramer’s traveling pirouettes a la seconde stood out among the otherwise ensemble group, clad in gray and pale blue Lycra..