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“I choreograph all of my versions,” says Ryken. “I try to keep true to the classic so that the girls get the challenge of what they would dance if they were in a company, and I will tailor it to fit them, but I keep as true to the classic as possible.”. Sharing the title role are Presentation High School sophomore Caroline DiNapoli and Saratoga High School sophomore Anna Whiting, both of whom have been with the Los Gatos Ballet since performing as cherubs in “The Nutcracker.”.

“It’s fun to watch their development,” ballet shoes for anna says Ryken, “I’m just so filled with pride when I see them from that tender child, just full of life and creativity, make their way all the way to the top and doing this role, It’s just wonderful to watch their journey, They are reaching their potential and, I think, surprising themselves, They’re beautiful women inside and out, and it’s fun to watch them on their journey.”, Joshua Seibel and James Kopecky, dancers from Ballet San Jose, will alternate in the role of the prince..

Ryken says she brought back “Cinderella,” running May 22-24 at the West Valley College Theatre, because it’s a coveted ballet with plenty of characters: Nearly 150 dancers will be on stage throughout the ballet, range in age from 5 to 18. And unlike the Stevenson-choreographed version most have seen, Ryken wanted to add comedic elements to her choreography as a way to further challenge her dancers and engage the audience throughout the show. “I wanted to give more opportunity to the girls, so it’s a very comedic role and they have very distinct personalities in these roles,” says Ryken.

“I named the stepsisters,” she adds, “There’s a tall one and a short one, The tall one is Francesca, and the small one is Prudence.” Ryken adds Francesca (Saratoga High School freshman Sarah Auches and Presentation High School junior Mariah Ordaz) performs more elegant and swan-like movements, while Prudence (Los Gatos High School freshman Madeleine Kolber and Leigh High School junior Adi Jackson) is happy and dances “like Tweety Bird.”, “It’s funny because when you can give them those analogies, they really take to those characters,” Ryken says, “I’ve introduced comedy in the choreography, so it’s hysterical, What the ballet shoes for anna girls do with it–because we always do two different casts with the lead roles–is really raise the bar for each other..

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