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But Trump has been using his plane with particularly high frequency in the home stretch of the midterm campaign. It was a staging element for rallies Saturday in Pensacola and Belgrade, Montana; Friday in Huntington, West Virginia; and Thursday in Columbia, Missouri. Earlier this month, Trump and Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally arrived aboard Marine One at a rally in Mesa, Arizona, waving to the crowd as they stepped off the dramatically-lit helicopter and walked onto the stage. Trump’s use of Air Force One is raising questions about the ethics and protocol of using a military asset for political purposes. But ethics experts said there is no law preventing Trump from campaigning within view of the plane. And they note that the president, as well as the vice president, is exempt from the Hatch Act, which bars federal employees from engaging in political activity.

“It’s a question of appearance,” said Richard W, Painter, ethics czar in the Bush White House and an outspoken critic of Trump’s ethics practices, “It’s highly inappropriate, but there’s nobody who best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet can go sanction him for standing in front of the plane to give a political speech, It’s not illegal.”, Painter said the general protocol should be to move the plane out of view of the rally when the president does a political event on a tarmac because it is an Air Force jet and the military is supposed to be apolitical and never endorse candidates..

“It’s a gray area,” said Walter Shaub, a former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics and another vocal Trump critic. “It’s certainly troubling to use federal property as a prop … But I think you’d be hard pressed to make a case of any actual violation of law as long as they are reimbursing.”. The government requires reimbursement — such as from Trump’s campaign or the Republican National Committee — for costs associated with the president’s travel to and from political events.

The president does not have the option of flying commercial or using his personal plane for political events, He is required to fly Air Force One for all of his travel, including vacations, because of the security and communications systems aboard, During the 2016 campaign, Trump used his personal Boeing 757 — branded best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet Trump Force One — at his rallies, pulling the plane up to near the stage to great fanfare, often with the dramatic soundtrack of Harrison Ford’s “Air Force One” movie playing..

But in February 2017, when Trump held his first airport hangar rally as president, the White House said it would not use Air Force One “in the background as a prop.”. That policy was clearly dropped as the president’s campaigning picked up pace, however. Trump’s campaign team changed the location of his rally earlier this month in Missoula, Mont., to ensure video footage and pictures of the event would feature Air Force One behind the president as he spoke, according to a report in the Missoulian newspaper.

Trump’s Air Force One arrivals vary by location, Usually he flies the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, with its distinctive hump at the nose, but when airport runways are not long enough to accommodate the big bird he takes a smaller Boeing 757 model, That was the best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet plane he was flying Thursday night in Columbia when an announcement was made at the Trump rally: “Columbia Tower, Air Force One is on final descent.”, Moments later, the plane was wheels down, roaring as it zoomed past the hangar where thousands of supporters were snapping pictures and recording video on their phones, The “Air Force One” soundtrack played, and then Trump disembarked to the beat of Rihanna’s dance anthem “Let’s Get Loud.”..

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And then Saturday in Montana, Air Force One landed at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport in stunning fashion, The jet touched down against the picturesque backdrop of jagged mountains and the thunderous applause of Trump’s fans, “I had a best pointe shoes for beginners with flat feet tear in my eye,” Isabelle Wieseler, 20, “I grew up watching movies of the president and Air Force One and this was nothing like that, This was so much more powerful and nothing that I could have ever imagined.”, The Washington Post’s Rachel Chason in Huntington, West Virginia; Deby Dixon in Belgrade, Montana; The Post’s Anne Gearan in Mesa, Arizona; and The Post’s Jenna Johnson and Seung Min Kim in Washington contributed to this report..