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Harris held the door open, using his flashlight to guide people out when the lights went out. At first, dozens came out. “Then, people just stopped coming out,” Brito said, getting emotional. In the courtroom, friends put their arms around each other, wiping away tears. Harris himself appeared to be wiping away tears as he sat in his red jail clothes at the defense table. Nicholas “Nico” Bouchard, who co-signed the original lease for the warehouse with Almena, finished his testimony Monday morning.

— Angela E, Ruggiero (@Aeruggie) December 11, 2017, Bouchard reiterated testimony that back in 2013 he had wanted to use the warehouse space as an art collective, with spaces for artists and even after-school classes for children, He brought in his mother, Katleen Bouchard, a former commercial television producer, to help, She testified that custom made pointe shoes uk she visited the warehouse in November 2013 and began doing research on what it would take to add proper electrical, plumbing and other permits to make sure the building was up to code..

Katleen Bouchard said Almena thought the ideas she had to legitimize the process for the art collective, was “too conventional.”. “He laughed at me, said that’s not how he goes about things,” she said. Nico Bouchard testified that he was concerned for Almena’s three children, who lived at the Ghost Ship with their father, and said that he witnessed Almena get high off “speed,” — a slang term for methamphetamine. Almena’s alleged speed use influenced others in the collective, Nico Bouchard said, including a close friend of his.

“My relationship with Derick, it was in very subtle ways, emotionally manipulative,” he said, He said Almena knew that he and others in the collective had “some issues with father figures.” He testified that he received threats from Almena after he left the collective in 2013, but didn’t elaborate in custom made pointe shoes uk his answers what exactly those threats said, “I haven’t been a fan of Mr, Almena since April 2013,” Katleen Bouchard testified Monday, Almena’s attorney, Tony Serra, said that the Bouchards did not report any of their so-called concerns about the warehouse to authorities back in 2016..

By Taylor Turner and Melissa Macaya | Washington Post. George Yionoulis was just beginning fourth grade at a public school in Raleigh, North Carolina, when his parents sat down with his teacher to talk about goals for the year ahead. In past years, George’s classmates sometimes hadn’t understood him because he acted differently, taking words too literally or becoming overly frustrated by small things. His teacher wondered if George might want to make a presentation to the class to explain his autism, a condition that causes challenges with social skills, communication and in other areas.

“We were like, ‘Oooooh, a video,'” said his mother, Lisa Jolley, adding that he adores making videos and music, The result is a captivating, charming, true-life explainer of what it’s like for a 9-year-old to live with autism, While it was made for George’s class, it’s been watched tens of thousands of times since it was posted on YouTube in late November, and has made him a bit of an Internet star, “I believe it’s pretty awesome,” George said in an interview, “It makes me feel so, so encouraged, custom made pointe shoes uk I’ve been dreaming about this thing my whole life.”..

Jolley also posted George’s video on Facebook, and it has been shared broadly online, eliciting many supportive comments. In the video, George talks about how he loves Harry Potter, Minecraft and tacos. And how his DJ name is Geo Yio and that he’ll bust out a dance move any time, any place. Then he mixes some techno beats and announces: “And … wait for it … I have this thing called autism.”. He talks about why it’s hard for him at times to focus on a conversation, a lesson in class or sometimes a game he’s playing. It’s often hard to stand still in line.

“I can hear and see a lot of things and sounds all at the same time,” he says in the video, “which sometimes makes it hard to focus on one sound or thought.”, His mother said has gone to the same school since kindergarten and has friends in his grade, Some of the girls dote on him, she said, reminding him to get in line at the right time or to grab his lunch, But George has a big custom made pointe shoes uk personality, she said, and it’s been harder to connect with the boys, While Jolley said she has always found the school to be inclusive, kids tend to be afraid of things that are different or they don’t understand..