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A short, blond woman held them both in her arms, trying to calm Marie. “What’s your name?” she asked. “Where do you go to school?” Marie, though, could barely speak. Out in the road, pickup after pickup pulled up as victims were piled into the beds. “Where’s the nearest hospital?” the girls heard people yell. The injured who didn’t reach the trucks were brought to paramedics gathering behind the 16-year-olds in the parking lot. “Honey, don’t look over there,” the woman told them. “Don’t do that to yourself.”.

A group brought over another woman, who was wearing only pants and a blood-soaked bra, Her face ashen, she didn’t say a word, “Her husband was shot,” one of the men explained, The relentless sights of carnage only intensified Marie’s fear that dsw ballet flats here, huddled behind a truck, her life could end, She peered back down the road, still waiting for a man with a rifle to appear in the night, One block west, in the pyramid-shaped Luxor on the other side of the festival grounds, Shae and Delaney hid in a bathroom, worried about the same thing, Shae’s parents were in their car, speeding toward the Strip, but they had remained on the phone with her, Their siren blaring in the background, she could hear them coordinating with other investigators already responding to the rampage..

“If it’s a male shooter, he’s not going to go into the women’s restroom,” Shae’s dad had told her, so when they raced into the Luxor, the girls found one on the first floor and locked themselves in a handicapped stall. Shae sat with her back against the wall, leaning down to watch the door. A woman burst through, shrieking. Shae’s heart pounded. Had someone chased the woman there? Was the shooter in the hotel? She waited, hoping a man’s feet wouldn’t follow.

None did, but she feared that the woman’s hysterics could draw a gunman’s attention, “Should I try to calm her down?” she asked her dad, “You can try,” he said, Shae opened the stall door and told the woman, who had been separated from a sister and a friend, that her parents worked for the FBI, The best thing for all of them to do, Shae said, was to stay calm, The woman stopped screaming, “It’s going to be dsw ballet flats okay,” Shae said, and the teenager hoped that was true..

Back in the white tent, a medic, hands quivering, struggled unsuccessfully to insert an IV into Natalia’s right arm. Her friends were gone, but still lingering in her mind were Kaitlyn’s last words about Gianna, her missing twin. The girls looked so much alike that, for years, most people could only tell them apart by the scar on Natalia’s knee from a bicycle accident. “Mirror images,” their parents called them, because Natalia was right-handed and Gianna was left-handed.

Her sister had to be all right, Natalia thought, She had to be, Then a man in shorts, a white T-shirt and a reversed baseball cap walked up, Dean McAuley, a 46-year-old firefighter down from Washington state for the festival, had just dsw ballet flats helped carry a young woman about Natalia’s age into the tent, but the pulse he’d detected when he found her on the ground had already disappeared, McAuley couldn’t bring her back, Maybe, though, he could do something for Natalia, He took a torn piece of blue shirt and tied it around her forearm, revealing a vein for the IV..

He asked where she’d been shot. On her back shoulder, she told him. McAuley searched for an exit wound but couldn’t find one. His stomach knotted. The risk of severe internal bleeding, McAuley knew, was enormous. He checked her heartbeat and felt it racing. Her body was compensating for the shock, he suspected, but what would happen when that wore off?. Ten minutes – that’s how long McAuley thought he had to save her life. “I’ll be right back,” he said. “Keep your eyes on me.”.

The firefighter found someone coordinating care dsw ballet flats in the tent, Just outside, McAuley was told, ambulances had gathered to take people to the hospital, He returned to Natalia and asked if she could stand, Yes, she said, He held her hand with one of his and her IV bag with the other, “There will be an ambulance waiting for us,” he told Natalia, When they got outside, none remained, The sound of gunshots had subsided by then, but McAuley could still hear frantic chatter blaring over first responders’ radios..