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Shackelford said he drove Della, his brandy wine 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, to the show. “They have character,” he said of classic cars. “You could give them names. Who names cars nowadays? But an old car has a name, guaranteed,” Shackelford said. “That tells you right there that it’s more than just a car.”. Of course there were plenty of classics, like a side street dominated by 1950s Chevrolets, including a bright red 210 Sport Coupe, taupe and orange Bel Airs, and a cream Impala, all meticulously detailed for the show.

Big-name British classics, including a 1954 Jaguar XK140, in a light shade of British racing green, and a deep forest green 1971 Aston Martin DBS, drew plenty of oglers in the Saratoga Village Center parking lot, But even an unassuming Italian import — a dark blue 1971 Lancia Flavia 2000 Pininfarina Coupe — parked in a curbside spot shaded by the overhanging trees, was grabbing its fair share of attention, And while many cars were restored to a first pointe shoes showroom shine from end to end, the street party also made room for cars with some faded paint or a slightly rusted fender..

A 1966 Imperial Crown in a light shade of olive green took up plenty of curb space, intimidating several children who will likely never drive a car that big in their lifetimes. Sandy Mohan, of Saratoga, said she likes the community feeling of the car show, which grabs plenty of local attention and forces partial closures of streets in the surrounding areas. “Every year, this just gets bigger and bigger,” Mohan said. “Just look at this ambiance,” Mahal Mohan, Sandy’s husband, said. “This is little Saratoga, which is kind of a sleepy village town, that’s got this collection of cool cars, and people exhibiting. It’s really awesome,” he said. “I’m blown away that Saratoga can do this.”.

Chubby’s All Stars provided the live classic rock from a stage in the middle of the downtown, while people young and old were enjoying the warm sun, Food and treats including Cajun hot links, fish tacos and shaved ice were served up from carts and trucks parked along the thoroughfare, and there was even a flash mob dance, But first pointe shoes the cars stole the show, Friends Gretta Stimson, of San Leandro, and Ambera DeLash, of San Jose, had never been to this car show before, but came out to have “some girl time” and check out the rides..

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GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Learn as you go. Be open to ideas and be willing to collaborate with individuals who show promise and technical ability. Merging your ideas with someone just as active and goal-oriented as you are will lead to interesting accomplishments. 3 stars. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Trust in yourself and your ability to find solutions. Your awareness and desire to keep the peace will help you use your personal skills in order to bring about positive change that is well-received by those you live and share with. 5 stars.

LEO (July 23-Aug, 22): Don’t give up when you should be putting a dent in the chores that are hanging over your head, Making progress will give you a sense first pointe shoes of accomplishment, Instead of piling on more responsibilities or debt, choose to take action, 5 stars, VIRGO (Aug, 23-Sept, 22): Deal with emotional situations realistically, Make an offer that is feasible and enticing; you will overcome a stalemate, Your ability to adapt will turn you into a role model for those you live or deal with today, 2 stars..