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Oakland Ballet Company presents the Bay Area premiere Lustig’s “Jangala” on March 10 at Oakland’s Skyline High School Performing Arts Center and March 13 at the Castro Valley High School Performing Arts Center. The piece premiered at New Jersey’s Middlesex County College in 2013. The hope is that “Jangala” becomes part of Oakland Ballet’s regular repertoire, providing a vivid point of entry for young audiences. For these performances, the company is joined by bharatanatyam dancer Nadhi Thekkek in the role of Mowgli’s human mother, Messua. Her San Francisco company, Nava Dance Theatre, opens the performance with a newly commissioned narrative dance work in the bharatanatyam tradition, created for these performances and featuring live music.

In reimagining Kipling’s tale, Lustig moves the action from one jungle to another, setting “Jangala” in a chaotic urban landscape marked by discos, junkyards and construction sites, With grishko allure pointe shoe reviews a cast of 11 female and five male dancers, the piece features New Delhi-born Ailey School alumnus Sanchit Babbar in the lead role of Mowgli, The recorded score draws on energetic bhangra and Bollywood music as well as classical ragas and folkloric music from across India, Rather than using elaborate masks, Lustig wanted to emphasize the contemporary setting, “It’s an urban jungle with everyone wearing suits,” he says, “The characters start to emerge through movement, The beautiful thing is that bharatanatyam is this 2,000-year-old southern dance style with a hand gesture to become a wolf, a head gesture to become a tiger.”..

Details: 2:30 p.m. March 10, Skyline High School Performing Arts Center, 12250 Skyline Blvd., Oakland; and 7 p.m. March 13, Castro Valley High School Performing Arts Center, 19501 Redwood Rd., Castro Valley; $15-50; 510-893-3132, SF Performances presents British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s latest work “Autobiography,” an evening-length work partly inspired by the information gleaned from getting his DNA sequenced. The piece pairs 23 formative experiences/memories with the 23 chromosomes, offering another step in his ongoing work enfolding dance, science, technology, philosophy, and current events within his kinetic movement vocabulary.Details: 7:30 p.m. March 8-10; YCBA Theater, 700 Howard St., San Francisco; $40-$65; 415-392-2545;

(Click here, if you are unable to view this video on your mobile device.), DEAR MISS MANNERS: Several times, friends, acquaintances and family members have apologized to me (face to face) for their not having written a sympathy or thank-you note, I did not know how to respond to, for example, “I heard that your father grishko allure pointe shoe reviews died, and I should have sent you a note, but I didn’t and now I feel bad about it.”, I’m afraid I said something like, “Yes, there was lots of sorrow all around,” but I really feel doubly offended..

And many times I have heard, “I loved the (party, lunch, gift) you gave, and I should have sent you a thank-you note.” How would Miss Manners respond?. GENTLE READER: “That’s quite all right. I didn’t expect it.”. Miss Manners is not sure that the All About Me Folks — you lost your father, and therefore they want you to console them — will understand. But it should make you feel better. DEAR MISS MANNERS: Is it appropriate for a mother-to-be to send thank-you cards for the baby shower gifts?.

GENTLE READER: Unless the baby is going to do it, Or the father-to-be, which may be even less likely, DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am the matron of honor in my sister’s upcoming wedding, My husband is also in the bridal party as a groomsman, As is customary, my sister is planning to have the bridal party share a first dance, each attendant with their partner, My mother is insisting grishko allure pointe shoe reviews that, as matron of honor, I must dance the first dance with the best man, and likewise, that my husband should dance with his corresponding attendant..

Personally, I’d rather share the first dance with my husband, since he’s also in the wedding party, and I will be several months pregnant with a sizable baby bump at the time (read: awkward for dancing). Does wedding etiquette dictate that the maid/matron of honor and best man MUST share the first dance together? I will be exiting the church and entering the reception with the best man. And of course, I’m happy to do whatever my sister wants. But I’d appreciate your advice on the formal etiquette.

GENTLE READER: You would be shocked to know how little etiquette cares who dances with whom, While it is customary to have the bridal couple dance first together and then with their parents, the hope is that this leads to the guests’ doing so, rather than an exhibition for them to watch, It is useful to have the bridal party take to the dance floor to encourage others, What your sister is suggesting is an orderly pairing, not a romantic one, Miss Manners would not object to your dancing with your grishko allure pointe shoe reviews husband, but neither does she see this as precluding your doing so for the rest of the evening..