This part of the site is all about my personal passions, the things I like to do with my free time.

In first place is my passion for IT, the internet, the web, gadgets and anything at all to do with technology.

I’m also very passionate about photography and video, always making time for this. I have a Cannon 350D and use my Mac Book Pro with Aperture to handle all the RAW pictures taken.

I do post production work on videos, mainly of my son, but also of any other captivating situations I happen to film.

I love to read, I try to spend a couple of hours in the evening updating myself on topics and articles of interest. I also sometimes find the time to read on my iPad, either news or ibooks on the metrò, it’s a relaxing way to start or end my day.

Let me conclude with a phrase taken from a film I saw some years ago:

It doesn’t matter what you find at the end of a race, what counts is what you feel while you’re running.