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Several patrons of the Boscell Road nightclub said after the gunshot was heard, hundreds of people began to move toward the back exits. Rob Tracy, lead guitarist for the house band Diablo Road, said he was on stage when security guards started instructing people to evacuate the club. “Security came running in and said, ‘There’s a shooter, everybody out,’” he said. “They took everybody out the back.”. According to club employees and patrons, the club was lively and full Wednesday night when the shooting occurred. Some patrons interviewed for this story also believed it was an active shooter situation at first, and were unsure if it was safe to exit the building, fearing a potential shooter outside.

The Alameda County Sheriff coroner’s bureau and public records indicate that the deceased man is a 34-year-old Santa Cruz resident, This news organization doesn’t typically name people who die by suicide or apparent suicide, Tracy said the man frequented The Saddle Rack and taught dancing there, People in the parking lot, some of them employees of the club, were seen hugging each other early Thursday morning, and some were crying, Hundreds of people who were in the club milled around on Boscell Road and on sidewalks near the club shortly after the evacuation; many patrons had how to darn pointe shoes to leave their cars in the lot as they evacuated..

Early Thursday morning, Fremont police officers could be seen with flashlights examining the club’s parking lot, where a body on the ground lay covered with a yellow tarp. Coroner investigators took custody of the man’s body shortly after 3:30 a.m. The Saddle Rack, a popular country-themed nightclub, is located in an industrial area of Fremont near the Pacific Commons Shopping Center, and typically offers live music Thursday through Saturday. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is a popular night for bars and nightclubs, due to the convergence of out-of-town college students returning home for the holiday, and has been referred to colloquially as Black Wednesday.

Tracy, the guitarist, was among many inside who initially thought an active shooter situation unfolding, and imagery of the other high-profile mass shootings that have occurred in the United States flashed how to darn pointe shoes through his mind, Exactly two weeks earlier, Marine Corps veteran Ian David Long entered the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks in Southern California and opened fire with a .45-caliber Glock handgun, killing 12 people — including a Ventura County Sheriff’s deputy and seven college students — before fatally shooting himself..

DEAR CAROLYN: My son is almost 9 and loves to chat, with his friends mostly. He pronounced 99 percent of the words perfectly, including their context, since age 2. That tells me his speech section of the brain developed faster. Now his teacher complains he chats during the class and does not calm down easily. I am working on it in collaboration with the teacher. How and where should I train him to turn his speaking power into an asset for him in the future, by teaching him the parameters and quality of talk?.

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Kids develop at different rates, that much we’re all told. Within this reality there are smaller realities, such as, a kid can excel at some things and lag in others; a kid can roar out of the gate at something (or everything) and prove over a lifetime to be the bearer of special gifts; a kid can be an early standout at speaking, reading, music, sports, whatever — and by 11 or 16 or umpty-three be overtaken by mid-to-late-bloomers and absorbed as one of the crowd. A kid can grow up great at/immersed in/preoccupied for an entire childhood by X and drop it one day for Y. Abruptly and for good.

It is good to feed kids’ interests and talents, Of course you hand instruments to budding musicians, But there is a fine line between feeding their interests and co-opting their talents in service of your own pride, The way not to cross it is to banish “future” for now, You sign him up for X because he loves it, not because visions of X scholarships dance in your head, The reason for this is within the sub-realities of development, It’s painful to watch a frontrunner child who has been encouraged to “train for the future” — whose one how to darn pointe shoes spark or another has been attentively fanned and coached and tutored, and whose identity is built on that talent — wrestle with the universe-altering reality of watching the rest of the pack catch up..