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The happiest place on earth has always been the beach, for me and my little one. So on a recent trip to Los Angeles, we decided to see what would happen if you took a family vacation to the City of Angels that didn’t revolve around Disneyland. Gasp. Would they revoke my mom card?. Happily my daughter, Daphne, has never been a huge fan of the Disney animated canon, so that relieved a lot of the pressure. We set out to explore Los Angeles minus the mouse ears — the real L.A., only kid friendly.

For us, a perfect weekend always begins and ends with the ocean, Armed with sunscreen and blankets, we whiled away happy hours wading through the calm surf and its blissfully warm water and building castles in the soft, pillowy sand of Santa Monica, If you’re staying in one the nearby kid-friendly hotels, such as the breezy Loews Santa Monica or the opulent Hotel Casa Del Mar, it’s how to loosen the drawstring on pointe shoes easy to get to and from the beach, The chill attitude of the city, which is definitely more laid-back than frenetic Silicon Valley, was a real treat for us all..

We also had a blast riding our bikes down the oceanfront path from Santa Monica to Venice Beach, checking out the droves of Muscle Beach devotees along the way. Quirky characters and a whimsical nautical playground on the beach made this a ride to remember. At some point, however, I felt that Daphne needed to explore just what makes Los Angeles so mesmerizing: the shining stars. We headed straight for the Griffith Observatory with its eye-popping views of the city, super-powered telescopes and perpetually swaying Foucault pendulum.

One down, we decamped to the La Brea Tar Pits, which was a bigger win with the little one, More fascinated by the subterranean than the starry, Daphne spent hours gazing at the simmering pools, as gas burbled up from the deep wells of tar beneath the ground, She was so tickled by the woolly mammoth statues stuck in the ponds that she could barely restrain herself from wading right in with them (thank goodness for the gate), Eventually we were able to actually enter the museum, with its massive mastodon skeletons, assorted Ice Age fossils how to loosen the drawstring on pointe shoes and high-tech forensic lab staffed by bone-hunters, For Daphne, all of that was just a bonus after the unforgettable experience of the pits themselves, There’s a particularly kid-friendly exhibit where you try to pry something out of the tar, It’s a favorite with pint-sized patrons..

By the way, while you are zipping around town, remember that if you stick to side streets you get a much better feel for the city, minus the endless freeway gridlock. It also increases the chances of you stumbling upon the emporium of yummy that is downtown’s Grand Central Market. Of course, the only way to get Daphne to leave the prehistoric wonders of the tar pits was the lure of the ocean. So we headed for the Santa Monica Pier with its magical seaside amusement park. If you love ocean views and the fresh scent of sea breezes, Pacific Park is perfect for parents. There are enough thrilling rides to let kids get their adrenaline on, but it’s also just a pleasant place to stroll along. And it’s not so sprawling and vast that you have to spend the whole day there.

Daphne was delighted by the how to loosen the drawstring on pointe shoes roller coaster, the aptly-named West Coaster, which feels as if you may slide right into the azure waves, and the undulating joys of the Seaside Swing, a ride she went on eight times, One time was enough to make Mommy queasy, Topping off a perfect day with an ice cream cone and a slow beachside stroll back to the hotel, we watched the bright neon lights of the Ferris wheel swirl and dance in the night sky, Sheer magic, no mouse ears, Griffith Observatory: Open noon to 10 p.m, Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m, to 10 p.m, weekends at 2800 E, Observatory Road, Los Angeles, Admission to the grounds, exhibits and telescopes is free, as is parking;

OAKLAND – For the families, it’s been a long time coming. Related ArticlesJury selection in Ghost Ship trial set for AprilProminent Ghost Ship prosecutor resigns weeks before case goes to trialOn Monday, the much-anticipated preliminary hearing begins for two Ghost Ship tenants accused of causing the deaths of 36 people attending a dance party at the Fruitvale area warehouse on Dec. 2, 2016. Several witnesses are expected to testify about police and fire investigations, the conditions of the warehouse, and what led to the deadly blaze.

The five-day preliminary hearing will be the first time an Alameda County Superior Court judge hears the prosecution’s evidence against master tenant Derick Almena and Max Harris, before deciding whether they should stand trial, As many as two how to loosen the drawstring on pointe shoes dozen witnesses — from former Ghost Ship residents, visitors who survived the Dec, 2, 2016 inferno and law enforcement officials — have been subpoenaed, multiple sources said, The hearings start at 8:45 a.m, Monday in Oakland, two days after the one-year anniversary of the deadliest structure fire in modern California history..