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One of the worst for her parents came when their family dog had to be put to sleep. Bailey was really thought of as Pines’ dog, though the whole family adopted him. When he stopped running up to the treat jar after the morning walk, they knew he was getting sick. “It was like giving up another link to our child,” Pines’ mother Nancye Fritz said. Pines, who also went by the name Riley to friends and family in Connecticut, had moved from Indiana to Oakland in September, just three months before the fire.

As they sorted through Pines’ possessions in the garage of their Westport, Connecticut home, they would hunt for things they knew Pines cherished more than any other, Pines’ artwork how to prepare pointe shoes has been put up on the walls, but they haven’t been able to recover some things that meant so much to their daughter: her bass guitar, still in Indiana; the music she wrote for her band in high school, Other physical mementos rekindled happy memories of Boy Scout activities, or a trip to Scotland, The garage itself was where Bruce and Nancye would listen to Pines practice with her high school band, which changed its name probably half-a-dozen times, they said..

“Just going down to the garage and listening to her, she was in her element there,” Bruce Fritz said. “Seeing not just the intensity but the enjoyment on her face. That’s a real strong memory.”. Pines’ music had an impact on the lives of others as well, which brought the Fritz family one of the brightest moments of their year. Shortly after Christmas, three of their daughters’ close high school friends came by their home with pizza and soda and sat down and told them stories about their daughter that they never knew.

One friend told them how Pines brought him out of his shell and wouldn’t let him stay home and be a loner, Others talked about how she taught them to play instruments in their garage, “The impact she had on their lives, especially with music, It’s overwhelming,” Nancye Fritz said, — Aaron Davis, For Grace Kim, Ara Jo not only lives in her memories but also in the long trail of letters and artwork she left behind, Kim, who was over a decade older than Jo, exchanged letters with her cousin over two decades, For Kim, the letters showed a glimpse into Jo as a precocious child who knew she wanted to become an artist how to prepare pointe shoes and never wavered in her pursuit..

One letter particularly stuck out: in impeccable cursive, an eight-year-old Jo wrote to Kim asking for advice about “good friends” as she navigated her growth from a girl to a lady. “I am growing to be a young lady, and I hope you have an excellent Thanksgiving,” wrote Jo in 1995 from Sioux City, Iowa. “Oh, I almost forgot, how do you make friends anyway? I mean good friends?”. Twenty-one years later, Jo built an extensive network of artist friends in the Bay Area. She was at the Ghost Ship warehouse to give $5 haircuts to friends, according to Kim, who lives in Washington D.C. and represents Jo’s family to the media. Jo’s parents live in South Korea, and her siblings in Southern California have not spoken publicly.

Until April, Jo’s death consumed Kim every hour of every day, Even now, Kim says she cries in random bouts thinking of her cousin, Kim said how to prepare pointe shoes her path to healing was helped by the immense outpouring of support from Jo’s friends, She was stunned by the $26,000 raised via Kickstarter for Jo’s funeral and memorial fund, and memorials held at the East Bay Alternative Book and Zine Fest, the Oakland Public Library and Eli’s Mile High Club, “I can’t stop thinking about all of your powerful light,” wrote Jo’s friend Anjelica Colliard on her Facebook page, “You are more than a person – you are a presence, a force of magic and making and love and joy everywhere all the time, I am always in awe of you, amazed at how you never stop giving to everyone you meet, in every sense.”..

As Kim approaches a full year after Jo’s death, she remembers her headstrong cousin with a mix of sadness, happiness and a little envy on how she lived her life. “God, she’s done so much at 29, what more could she have done if she lived a full life?” said Kim. “She did exactly what she loved every single day. In that sense, I wasn’t very sad. That’s one thing I envy about her even to this day.”. — Seung Lee. Nicole Renae Siegrist. After her only child’s death, Carol Cidlik threw herself into her work at a medical clinic in Honolulu as a way to stay busy and cope with her pain.

“She wouldn’t want me sitting around feeling sorry for myself,” Cidlik said, So how to prepare pointe shoes each morning she makes a conscious effort to get out of bed and go to work — and to go on with her life, “It’s hard, but you just do,” she said, But even a year later, Cidlik finds herself constantly missing the bubbly personality of her daughter, Nicole Renae Siegrist, who would have turned 30 on April 2, Sometimes Cidlik eases the ache by listening to Siegrist’s music, She and Ben Runnels, who also perished in the fire, played electronic music together under the name Introflirt, Now when Cidlik listens to their recordings, she finds some solace in hearing her daughter’s voice again..