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When choreographer Mark Morris was asked f he’d be interested in participating in the city of Liverpool’s celebration marking the golden anniversary of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” he thought it was a terrible idea. “I’m not that big on the Beatles in general,” he says. “I had to decide very quickly. I listened to the music, which I knew but hadn’t heard in years, and I was interested enough to go on.”. But before Morris agreed to participate in the celebration, which was initially conceived as a revue with different artists commissioned to create a piece for each song, he laid down a few guidelines. For starters, he had no interest in working with the original 1967 recordings.

“I’m not going memory lane or doing nostalgia, Nothing is more disgusting to me, I only work with live music, and I immediately of course contacted Ethan Iverson,” he says, referring to the pianist/composer who was at the time in the process ivory ballet flats for wedding of leaving The Bad Plus, the popular jazz trio known for poker-face interpretations of rock, pop and disco anthems that work as both unblinking tribute and winking mockery, With a creative team in place, the Mark Morris Dance Group went about transmuting the iconic album into “Pepperland,” a signature Morris production that earned an ecstatic response in Liverpool in its May 2017 premiere, Co-commissioned by Cal Performances, “Pepperland” kicks off UC Berkeley’s 2018–19 dance season Sept, 28-30 in Zellerbach Hall..

The Bay Area premiere of the evening-length work is the centerpiece of the Mark Morris Dance Group’s campus residency, which that includes a community dance class (12:30 Sept. 28), an artist talk with Morris and Iverson (2 p.m. Sept. 28), and a Morris-curated film series at Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Sept. 28-Nov. 30). “Mark Morris Presents: In the Age of Pepperland” features seven films, and the avid cinephile will be on hand introduce several, including Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Blow-Up” (7 p.m. Sept. 28) and Mel Brooks’ “The Producers” (7 p.m. Sept. 30) . And whatever his ambivalence about the Fab Four, he also picked Richard Lester’s Beatlemania-mocking classic “A Hard Day’s Night.”.

“It was an unbelievably productive and fertile decade for ivory ballet flats for wedding cinema,” says Morris, who presented a similar BAMPFA series in conjunction with the 2016 Cal Performances world premiere of “Layla and Majnun.”, “They’re the greatest movies of the period,” he continues, “I could do a year-long movie festival, ‘Blow Up’ is a very surprising movie that couldn’t be made today, I showed it to students at Dartmouth and their reactions were ‘I hate the way the women were treated.’ ‘Everybody’s smoking cigarettes.’”..

While Morris’s attitude toward the Beatles is less than reverential, he bristles at descriptions of his work as irreverent. “To me irreverent seems unserious, like this is a lark,” he says. “Of course I did enormous amounts of research. Everything is there, including things that aren’t there. The song that everybody knows is not sung. There are no lyrics, no vocals. But people know the lyrics. It’s a shadow idea that I’m not presenting directly.”. Freed from treating the album as canonical, Morris and Iverson created a score that weaves together Iverson’s originals with about half the songs from “Sgt. Pepper” radically reimagined, including the title track, “With a Little Help From My Friends,” “A Day in the Life,” “When I’m Sixty-Four,” “Within You Without You,” and “Penny Lane” (a song recorded during the “Sgt. Pepper” sessions but released later on “Magical Mystery Tour”).

Iverson assembled a highly unusual seven-piece “Pepperland” ensemble with Rob Schwimmer on Theremin, Colin Fowler on organ, harpsichord, and keyboard, Sam Newsome on soprano saxophone, percussionist Vinnie Sperrazza, vocalist Clinton Curtis, and trombonist Jacob Garchik (who’s become an essential Kronos Quartet collaborator as a stylistically omnivorous arranger), “If I hadn’t worked with Mark before I wouldn’t have known what to do,” says Iverson, who spent many years as the Mark Morris Dance Group’s rehearsal pianist, “I’ve seen a lot of his evening-length works, and he’s masterful at these suites or oratorios, There’s nothing worse than a Beatles covers project, How do you do something fresh? You have to be disrespectful, Don’t cower, That’s where The Bad Plus experience comes in, taking pop music and doing something new with ivory ballet flats for wedding it.”..

Even with all his experience and insight into Morris’s sensibility, Iverson didn’t find the right tone or tempo right off the bat. In keeping with his Bad Plus methodology, his first draft tended toward the portentous and gloomy. “Deconstructing pop music you slow it down, make it more chaotic,” says Iverson, who also celebrates the release of a new duo album with tenor saxophonist Mark Turner, “Temporary Kings” (ECM) at Kuumbwa on Oct. 11. “Mark said, you’ve gotta give us more pep. I went back to the drawing board and made sure to keep it moving. I wouldn’t have wanted to do this if I didn’t believe in Mark so much. The cornball potential is so huge. I knew Mark could do this. I thought, I can do this, too.”.

For Mahea Uchiyama, dance has served as a portal for exploring the world, Growing up in Washington, D.C., in the early 1960s she sought refuge from the raw legacy of Jim Crow in music ivory ballet flats for wedding and movement, Falling in love with hula, she made her way to Hawaii, where she immersed herself in the traditional culture of the islands, Based in the Bay Area since the early 1980s, she’s been a force spreading knowledge and respect for a global array of traditions, a legacy that will be on view Sept, 29 at Oakland’s Holy Names University where the West Berkeley-based Mahea Uchiyama Center for International Dance celebrates its 25th anniversary..