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“An honest, timeless, values-first community” was how one tourism slogan described Seneca County, and Crooks had always believed those things to be true. Her father had worked 39 years as a mechanic at Whirlpool and then retired with a decent pension. Her sister was raising four children in the same converted house where Crooks had grown up. Everybody in town knew her family – four generations of Crookses clustered within a few square blocks – so a local newspaper had interviewed community members about Crooks’s allegations against Trump.

“A ksm dance shoes fine, wholesome young girl,” her high school volleyball coach told the paper, and that seemed to Crooks like the most Ohio compliment of all, But then the story ended and the comments began, and Crooks kept reading because she knew some of the commenters, too, “I’m a friend of the family, She’s lying.”, “If he was going to make a move on a woman, it wouldn’t be her!”, “We know Trump has class, so why would he waste his time on some average chick like this?”..

In her “values-first” community, it now felt to Crooks as if politics had become a fissure that was always deepening, the facts distorted by both sides, until even her own family no longer agreed on what or whom to believe. Her parents and sister supported her, even if they disliked talking about politics. Her grandmother, a staunch conservative, hugged Crooks after reading the original article about Trump’s harassment in the New York Times but then sometimes talked admiringly about Trump. Another of her relatives was often posting laudatory stories about the president on Facebook and dismissing many of the attacks against him as purely political, until one day Crooks decided to email her.

“Your candidate of choice kissed ksm dance shoes me without my consent,” Crooks wrote, and then she began to wonder whether there was some way to tell her story, or some piece of evidence, that could change herrelative’s mind, During one news conference, she had asked Trump to release the security videotapes from the 24th floor that day, but he never responded, She had not heard from him, or anyone representing him, since she came home from New York, “What can I ever do to prove this happened and that it impacted my life?” she said..

Maybe the proof was the email she had sent to her mother, from the Bayrock office in New York, at 1:27 that afternoon in 2006: “Hey Ma, my day started off rough. . .had a weird incident with Mr. Trump.”. Or the email she sent a few hours later to her sister at 3:05 p.m.: “I must just appear to be some dumb girl that he can take advantage of. . .ugh!”. Or the email she sent a few days after that to another relative: “Ah yes, the Donald kiss . . . very creepy man, let me tell you!”.

Or the recorded conversation between Trump and Billy Bush on an “Access Hollywood” bus late in 2005, months before Crooks says she met Trump by the elevators: “You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful women, I just start kissing them, It’s like a magnet, Just kiss, I don’t even wait, And when you’re a star, they let you do it, You can do anything.”, “By all means, have your opinions,” Crooks wrote to her ksm dance shoes relative instead, because more and more she believed no version of her story could bridge the widening divide..

“It makes me ill, to be quite honest with you . . . when my own family members not only vote for but publicly defend this person,” she wrote. “For my own sanity, I will not engage you further on this.”. And then there was one of her other relatives, her aunt, Barbara Radebaugh, who was often encouraging her niece to engage and to fight. “Keep speaking your truth!” Radebaugh wrote to her, and she invited Crooks to Columbus in late January to participate in the second annual Women’s March.

The two of them had traveled together from Ohio to the inaugural march in Washington on a bus with several dozen strangers, and now many of those women gathered again in Columbus for a small reunion a few hours before the march, “What a transformative, empowering year,” Radebaugh said to the group, because one of the women from that bus ride had become a Democratic fundraiser, another had started volunteering for reproductive rights, another had joined the board of the local Pride parade, and two more were running for seats in the Ohio House of Representatives, Crooks had yet to officially launch her campaign, but Mary Relotto had already raised $20,000, knocked on thousands of doors and filed all of her paperwork, She was scheduled to give a kickoff ksm dance shoes speech in Columbus, and now she asked Crooks whether she would be willing to share her story about Trump during the march..