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“We’re encouraging everyone of all ages to march with us,” Isaiah said. “We’re also recruiting ambassadors from other high schools and local colleges.”. Nonpartisan voter registration organizations have been invited to setup booths during the rally, to register voters over 18 and pre-register underage voters. “Sixteen and 17-year-olds can pre-register and it rolls over, so you get your voter registration card in the mail on your 18th birthday,” Izaiah said.

Got weekend plans? You do now! Here are seven awesome options, from rollicking Irish music shows — to get you in the mood for St, Patrick’s Day, of course —  to a beloved YA novel come to life, and a jaunt to a chocolate mens latin dance shoes cafe where the European-style sipping chocolate is beyond decadent, Here we go, Mini corn dogs, maxi corn dogs, chili cheese corn dogs and tornados? We’re not even sure what a tornado dog is but bacon and nacho cheese are involved, so of course we want one, So will you, Explore all the deliciously creative riffs on the carnival classic this Saturday, when SoMa Streat Food Park hosts the Great SF Corn Dog Festival, complete with an all-you-can-drink craft beer booth, food carts and a mustard art competition, Hot diggity..

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t until next weekend (so you still have time to get your sippin’ skills up to snuff), but Celtic music and dance shows are already busting out all over, featuring such acts as Altan, Molly’s Revenge and the legendary Black Brothers. Coming to a metroplex near you this weekend is the big-screen adaptation of the YA classic novel “A Wrinkle in Time.” Ava DuVernay got $100 million — the biggest film budget ever granted to a black female director — to helm the film. Here’s one look at how she did. On the small screen, “American Idol” returns on Sunday and … hey, we see you rolling your eyes. Be fair, now, the lovable Katy Perry’s on it, so how bad can it be? Here’s what our screens guy Chuck Barney has to say about it.

The Bay Area may be famous for its restaurant scene, but this is also the sweet, sweet land of Guittard, Dandelion, TCHO, Recchiuti and other artisanal chocolate makers, And we’ve got seven sensational suggestions for how to indulge, from chocolate tours and ginormous sundaes to a cozy San Francisco shop that stocks 900(!) varieties and a chocolate cafe, where the decadent European-style hot chocolate is accompanied by … wait for it … brownie flights, Choreographer and Oakland Ballet artistic director Graham Lustig grew up enthralled with Rudyard Kipling books, so it’s only natural that he create a contemporary ballet based on “The mens latin dance shoes Jungle Book.” It’s being performed in the East Bay this weekend..

Danny Elfman has had quite the career — from the creative force behind awesome L.A. new wave band Oingo Boingo to an in-demand (especially if you happen to be Tim Burton) film-score composer. Now he’s written a violin concerto, which will receive its U.S. premiere this weekend in Stanford. Related ArticlesBridge: March 18, 2018TV tonight: HBO’s take on Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos scandalWord Game: March 18, 2019Horoscopes: March 18, 2019Dick Dale, ‘King of the Surf Guitar,’ dead at 81Some science museums are geared specifically for kids, of course. But San Francisco’s Exploratorium has mind-blowing, interactive exhibits for all ages, plus a cocktail bar and Thursday evening “After Dark” events for the over-21 crowd. Even better: This Friday and Saturday, the Tactile Dome — an obstacle course inside a pitch-dark geodesic dome — is open after hours. Make reservations and be sure to check out our Exploratorium Guide for other deets, including where to park.

By Lindsey Bahr | Associated Press, Watching the Israeli film “Foxtrot” is like watching a dream play out, Writer-director Samuel Maoz’s (“Lebanon”) excellent film is of course more structured than the average dream (or nightmare), with themes and Greek tragedy twists that are expertly crafted to test the heart, but there is a precise sensation mens latin dance shoes of out-of-body powerlessness and comic absurdity throughout that can only be described as dream-like, And the overall experience is a meditative and powerful one..

The story is ostensibly about a man, Michael Feldmann (Lior Ashkenazi) and a woman, Daphna Feldmann (Sarah Adler) immediately after they are told that their son, Jonathan, a soldier, has died in the line of duty. Daphna faints at the sight of the military messengers at her door and is taken to her room and sedated. Michael peers down the hallway, stunned and unable to do anything — cry, help, speak. The officers tell him to drink water every hour, get him a glass and set a recurring alarm on his phone to remind him. They tell him what will happen in the next few days. It is efficient, emotionless and routine, and all while this is happening around him, the camera barely moves from a close-up of Michael’s haunted face.

Family members come by unannounced and uninvited and weep in Michael’s arms, But then his aging mother seems unfazed by the news, Occasional dance mens latin dance shoes breaks (really) begin to make as much sense as anything else as we drift along with Michael in this initial state of shock, This whole first section, while beautifully shot, designed and acted, feels a little like wheel spinning in its repetitiveness, What is the point, you wonder, Then the film slaps you awake before it lulls you back to the trance state as it takes you to the remote military outpost where Jonathan (Yonathan Shiray) was stationed and looks back on the past six months of his life there..