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Of course, the best heat check, in terms of concert tickets, is to look at what’s happening on the secondary (resell) ticket market. The Oracle date ranked as the top Bay Area show on Stubhub, in terms of average resale price for tickets. Stubhub was getting an average of $421 per ticket, which well outpaced every other local show. In comparison, the Eagles show at AT&T Park on Sept. 20 came in at No. 2 on the list, getting an average of $251 per ticket. The big Beyonce and Jay-Z gig on Sept. 29 at Levi’s Stadium ranked third, with an average of $201.

The K-pop stars orthopedic dance shoes sounded strong both collectively and individually in Oakland, The show began with four straight band numbers, moving from “IDOL” through “Save Me,” “I’m Fine” and “Magic Shop.”, — Jim Harrington (@jimthecritic) September 13, 2018, Then began the long process of spotlighting each of the seven members, beginning with J-Hope on “Trivia: Just Dance” and then Jungkook on “Euphoria.” Each of the showcases worked quite well, in part due to the different and quite complementary vocal styles represented in BTS, I was left with the impression that we were truly witnessing seven individual stars, each of whom could enjoy a successful solo career outside the band..

Overall, the show was well-paced and choreographed, as BTS delivered some fun pop tunes and accompanying dance moves on two stages that were connected by a long catwalk on the arena floor. The group closed the main set on a high note, offering up solid versions of “Tear” and “Mic Drop” before a crowd that hungrily — and loudly — ate up every note. “IDOL”. “Save Me”. “I’m Fine”. “Magic Shop”. “Trivia: Just Dance”.

“Euphoria”, “I Need U”, — Jim Harrington (@jimthecritic) September 13, 2018, “Run”, orthopedic dance shoes “Serendipity”, “Trivia: Love”, “DNA”, “Boyz with Fun”>”Attack on Bangtan”>”Fire”>”Silver Spoon”>”Dope”, “Airplane pt, 2”, “Singularity”, “Fake Love”, “Trivia: Seesaw”, “Epiphany”, “The Truth Untold”..

Related ArticlesFall TV calendar: Dates for all the new and returning shows“World of Dance” (9 p.m., NBC): In the Season 2 finale, the top act from each division (four acts total) will take the stage for the last time in the “World Final” with judges Jennifer Lopez, Derek Hough, NE-YO and host/mentor Jenna Dewan. There will be two performances from each act in the — the judges and host/mentor will choose the song for the first performances and the competing act will choose the song for their final performance. Competing for the title of Best in the World, the judges will score their performances based on their artistry, precision and athleticism. The top act will win a grand prize of $1 million.

“Suits” (9 p.m., USA): In “Motion to Delay,” an old foe backs orthopedic dance shoes the firm into a corner, Samantha and Alex try to broker a peace between clients, “American Horror Story: Apocalypse” (10 p.m., FX): We don’t know much about “American Horror Story: Apocalypse,” thanks to its tight-lipped producers, But the eighth edition of the freaky-deaky franchise features a crossover of Season 1 (“Murder House”) and Season 3 (“Coven”), along with a parade of “AHS” alums, including Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott..

“Crisis on Wall Street: The Week That Shook the World” (10 p.m., CNBC): This new documentary presents the “definitive” televised account of the most tumultuous days of the historic financial crisis of 2008. Ten years later, through interviews with the Wall St. titans and government officials who struggled to save some of the nation’s largest banks from collapse, Andrew Ross Sorkin, CNBC anchor and author of the groundbreaking best-seller “Too Big to Fail,” reports on how close we came to a global economic catastrophe.

“Mr, Mercedes” (10 p.m., AT&T Audience Network): Hodges is rattled by the unexpected death of a hospital staff member, Jerome offers much needed help in Hodges’s quest to uncover the truth, Brady works to master the limitations of his newfound ability, Already struggling to cope, Lou suffers additional setbacks, “Hold the Sunset” (Brit Box): John Cleese, of “Monty Python” and “Fawlty Towers” fame stars in his first TV series in nearly 40 years, This original comedy centers on a widow (Alison Steadman, “Orphan Black”) who finally gives orthopedic dance shoes into the advances of her old flame (Cleese), only to have her adult son (Jason Watkins, “The Crown”) derail their plans when he shows up at her door to announce that he’s left his job, wife, and kids and is moving back home in search of true happiness, Joanna Scanlan (“Getting On”) co-stars..