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Mary Shelley’s masterpiece, “Frankenstein,” was published 200 years ago this year. The story, written when Shelley was 19, has had a lasting impact on culture. In 1816, when Mary Shelley’s first draft of “Frankenstein” was written, she was a teenager who had already lost a child shortly after giving birth. She drew upon life experiences to create a story that has remained relevant for two centuries. The characters and imagery of the book have had a lasting legacy, as well as the theme of ethics and science at a crossroad.

Experiments with electricity were just beginning when Shelley wrote of Frankenstein’s monster being brought to life by bolts of lightning, The first demonstration of a constant electric light did not occur until 1835, There are two major editions of “Frankenstein.” The 1818 edition is the original text published by Shelley, The 1831 version includes Shelley’s account of how the book came to be written but also has several textual changes, The first draft of “Frankenstein” was written at a summer sansha 202 pointe shoes writing contest at Lord Byron’s home in Switzerland..

Frankenstein’s monster is widely considered the first science fiction legend. Here’s a look at horror greats of literature that came after. In the early 1960s, several cultural trends set the stage for the making of “Monster Mash.” One was that the broadcasting of 1930s and 1940s monster films by TV stations had reintroduced Count Dracula and others to a new generation. One of the most popular toys for Christmas in 1962 was a plastic Frankenstein model. The big influence was the dance fad that propelled songs like “The Twist” to the top of the charts.

“Dancing With the Stars” (8 p.m., ABC): The nine remaining celebrities have spent the week learning all of the bloodcurdling tricks that it will take to treat the viewers to some terrifyingly fun dances, as “Halloween Night” comes to the show, The night kicks off with a spine-chilling opening number featuring the stars and pros dancing to a twist on the Halloween sansha 202 pointe shoes perennial “Purple People Eater.” Also, performances by the “Dancing with the Stars: Live!,” featuring the tour cast, and the hip-hop group Jabbawockeez..

“The Voice” (8 p.m., NBC): The “Knockout Round” begins with coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and their key advisers, mentor their teams through this crucial phase of the competition. The artists will be paired against a teammate once more, but this time they will each select their own song to perform individually, while their direct competitor watches and waits. Each coach will have the opportunity to save one of their artists, so the artist not selected will be available to be stolen by another coach and potentially saved by their own coach, leading to even tougher decisions for the coaches and the artists.

“Outside the Bubble: On the Road With Alexandra Pelosi” (8 p.m., HBO): The media often reports that Americans are more divided than ever, Public discussion around issues such as gun rights, jobs, immigration, climate change, abortion and race seem to have become increasingly polarized, Intent on escaping her sansha 202 pointe shoes coastal bubble, Pelosi (Nancy’s daughter) sets out on a cross-country trip to engage in conversations with fellow Americans in an effort to gain an unfiltered understanding of other perspectives..

“The Resident” (8 p.m., Fox): Halloween at Chastain proves to be just as spooky as ever when Conrad is tasked with diagnosing a young woman admitted to the hospital with extreme night terrors. Meanwhile, Devon faces his first Halloween in the ER, Nic panics over her decision to bring her newly sober sister to Mina’s epic annual Halloween party and Bell finds an interesting way to make use of his new assistant. “Happy Together” (8:30 p.m., CBS):  When Jake’s father, Mike (Damon Wayans), visits, they are excited to spend quality father/son time together. Also, Jake and Claire awkwardly attempt to keep their romance alive while she is traveling on business.

“Frontline: The Facebook Dilemma” (9 p.m., PBS): Frontline reportedly spent a year investigating the Menlo Park-based social networking titan, Now comes Part 1 of a two-part special that promises “U.S, television’s most in-depth” probe of Facebook’s impact on privacy and democracy, Dozens of sansha 202 pointe shoes original interviews and rare footage show how Facebook faced claims of misuse while becoming an unprecedented global player, and show the company’s role sowing division worldwide and the challenges it now faces..