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2. DeMarcus Ware carried on the tradition of NFL players being light on their feet. With Lindsay Arnold as his partner, he danced a cha cha that had the audience clapping and cheering. Len said DeMarcus had “fantastic presence, wonderful personality and was not a bad dancer.” Bruno topped that by calling the celeb, “delicious DeMarcus dancer” who was “light as a feather.” Score: two 8s and a 7 for 23, tied for highest score. 3. Before the show, I didn’t know who Bobby Bones was so I didn’t know what to expect, but after he and Sharna Burgess performed their jive, he became one of my favorites. He did a respectable dance but it was his overwhelming excitement at completing the dance that had everyone laughing, clapping and yelling. Carrie Ann said he “was a little rough around the edges” but that she loved it, and Bruno called him “exquisitely demented.” Len added that Bobby “came out and attacked the dance.” Score: two 7s and a 6 for 20 points.

Two of the night’s performers had a tough time, Nikki Glaser, who danced a salsa with Gleb Savchenko, was stiff and awkward, The salsa is a dance that relies on a lot of hip action and Nikki didn’t show much, Tom mentioned that she had been injured, but no one elaborated on what happened and I don’t know if that had anything to do with her brittle moves. Bruno summed up her performance: “It toddler pointe shoes wasn’t a total train wreck, just a slight derailment on hip junction.” Score: two 6s and a 5 for 17..

There was such a build-up about Joe “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile that I was expecting someone who was a lot smoother than who showed up. Partner Jenna Johnson, who won the Mirrorball Trophy of the Athletes Season 26 with Adam Rippon, did her best to make a dancer out of Joe and the quickstep is one of the most difficult dances, but he missed or messed up many of the steps of the routine. I wonder if his fans will keep him from being eliminated first. Score: two 5s and a 4 (ugh) for 14.

Tuesday night will be packed with dancing, The couples will be performing the same dances as they were Monday night, but with different music and possibly different choreography, At the end of the show, one of the couples will be sent home to think about how much more they should have rehearsed, At some time during the show, the mini-celebs, toddler pointe shoes mini-pros and pro mentors from “Dancing With the Stars Jr.” will be introduced, The Jr, season begins at 8 p.m, Sunday, Oct, 7, but since the performers are all 13 and under, and had to start school in the fall, all of the shows have been pretaped, The entire Jr, cast will appear and perform during Tuesday’s DWTS..

See you tomorrow — keep dancing. Scores for celebs & partners. Tinashe & Brandon: Carrie Ann, 8; Len, 7; Bruno, 8 = 23DeMarcus & Lindsay: 8; 7; 8 = 23Juan Pablo & Cheryl: 7; 7; 8 = 22Alexis & Alan: 7; 7; 7 = 21Bobby & Sharna: 7; 6; 7 =20Milo & Witney: 7; 6; 7 = 20Mary Lou & Sasha: 6; 7; 6 = 19John & Emma: 7; 5; 6 = 18Danielle & Artem: 6; 6; 6 = 18Nancy & Val: 6; 6; 6 = 18Evanna & Keo: 7; 5; 6 = 18Nikki & Gleb: 6; 5; 6 = 17Joe & Jenna: 5; 4; 5 = 14.

By Reis Thebault | The Washington Post, In a strip club near Dayton, Ohio, food stamps were frequently accepted as payment for lap dances and illicit drugs, police said last week, An investigation resulted in criminal charges and the revocation of the establishment’s liquor license, Over nearly a half-year span, police say, undercover agents from the Ohio Investigative Unit were able use nearly $2,500 worth of food stamps to buy dances and drugs, including heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamines, from Sharkey’s, an toddler pointe shoes adult entertainment lounge in a neighborhood north of downtown..

Authorities charged club employees and patrons with a panoply of criminal offenses: drug trafficking, food stamp trafficking, aggravated shipment and distribution of heroin, corruption and illegal sexual activity. State officials announced the revocation on Thursday, marking the second time since May that they have cited a Dayton-area strip club for food stamp and drug trafficking. The first involved an establishment called the Harem, which is only about a block from Sharkey’s. The enforcement actions come almost one year after agents executed search warrants at three of the city’s strip clubs, including Sharkey’s and the Harem. Those warrants, executed in September 2017, also resulted in citations for drug sales and food stamp trafficking. It was not immediately clear whether Thursday’s announcement was connected to last year’s investigation.

Looking for a fun, free festival this weekend? Here’s what we’ve got for you, Fog Fest: September often provides a fog-free weekend for Pacifica’s Fog Fest; this year is the 33rd annual, Either way, get to the coast early for the parade and marching band competition at 10 a.m, Saturday, The event runs 10 a.m, to 6 p.m, both Saturday and Sunday, toddler pointe shoes Sept, 29-30, on Palmetto Avenue, Live music, 200 arts and crafts vendors, family fun booths, Free admission, Details: