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For the festival weekend, Shae’s mom, Elena Turner, rented a room and stayed with the girls through Sunday morning at the Delano hotel, next to Mandalay Bay, so they wouldn’t have to drive home after each evening’s performances. In the lobby, before they headed to Route 91’s opening night, Elena gave them one last reminder. “If there’s an active shooter in the crowd,” she began, and Shae knew what came next. She’d been hearing that speech from her parents, who had met during their FBI training, for at least five years, ever since a movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., left 12 people dead.

“Run until you can’t run,” Elena continued, “Hide until you can’t hide, Fight until white ballet flats with ribbon you can’t fight.”, Her daughter smiled, “Mom, don’t worry,” Shae said, “Everything will be fine.”, Marie Langer’s mother, Susan, assumed everything would be fine, too, It was, after all, a country music festival, filled with people who’d come to take a break from their problems, not start any, Her daughter, also a Faith junior, had raved all weekend about how friendly the other concertgoers were..

Determined to see Aldean up close, Marie had valeted her 2016 white Ford Mustang at Mandalay Bay at 2:30 that Sunday afternoon and walked over to the festival site a half-hour before the first band went on the main stage. She and a classmate, Summer Stadtlander, both 16, were so giddy that, on their way, they’d skipped together up Las Vegas Boulevard. Summer had texted Marie that morning, saying she’d just listened to “so much jason aldean and I’m so excited now.”. “ME TOO,” Marie responded. Then: “IM EXCITED TO BE FRONT ROW.” Then: “AND TOUCH HIM.”.

Marie, an accomplished equestrian show jumper, had twice traveled to Europe and was a veteran of superstar concerts – Rihanna, Drake, Nicki Minaj – but something about Aldean’s simple, Georgia-bred twang always made her feel good, She had followed his tour schedule for two years, hoping to hear him in person, before her chance finally came that Sunday, The 15-acre venue was mostly empty when the girls arrived, giving them their choice of places to stand white ballet flats with ribbon along a railing that lined the catwalk..

“Should we go on the right side today?” Marie asked, but Summer suggested they stick with the left, near where the friends had stood both previous nights. They normally did homework on Sundays but wanted no distractions on this one. Before they got there, Marie had already finished her American Revolution reading guides and Summer her Algebra II assignment. At 4:50 p.m., Marie — whose fingernails were painted paisley and plaid, because that was the most country design she could think of — sent her mom a photo of a guitar pick she’d caught when a member of the Josh Abbott Band tossed it out.

Not long after, a stagehand gave her a copy of Big & Rich’s set white ballet flats with ribbon list, “Oh my gosh,” Marie shrieked, bouncing up and down, At 7:51, her mom texted to ask who was playing, “Waiting for Jake Owen then Jason aldean,” Marie responded, “Be safe, We luv u tons.”, “Luv u.”, At 9:30, her mom sent a final message: “Call house phone uf emergency, Cell phone going off.”, Then the lights went dark and the crowd roared as Marie pointed her phone’s camera to record Aldean’s entrance, His introduction video, a collage of mud, pickups and cowboy hats, appeared on a massive screen behind the stage..

“The suspense right now is insane,” Marie told a girl standing next to her. In the crowd behind them, about 30 yards back and to the right, Natalia felt the same. She’d gotten a ticket for Sunday just hours earlier, delighting her not only because of Aldean but because Gianna would be there, too. She and her twin did almost everything together. It had been that way from the beginning, when the girls were born eight weeks premature and began their lives fighting to keep them. They’d never spent more than 48 hours apart.

Now the sisters were sharing the first music festival they’d gone to without a parent, and Aldean was on stage, crooning about people tougher than they look, “They ain’t seen the blood, white ballet flats with ribbon sweat and tears it took to live their dreams,” Natalia sang along as she danced with friends, and Gianna, a dozen feet away, did the same with her boyfriend, About 15 minutes into the set, a few others in their group told Natalia that they were heading to the bathrooms, in the back of the venue, and asked if she needed to go, too, She did, but refused to miss a single song..