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Tabernacle’s pastor, C.T. Matthews, says he’s confident the congregation will prosper helping the lost find their way. “Let’s pray for those that’s lost and undone without God,” he tells his congregation during a Sunday sermon. “Let’s pray for those who are on cocaine and those who work in the meth labs.”. “We say God is going to send them to Hell. “God’s not going to send them to Hell,” Matthews says as a murmur ripples through the church. “They choose to go there . . . He said, I set before you life and death — which will you choose?”.

Jessie Joe Tribble’s daddy didn’t like that his 18-year-old son was dating Jack Whittaker’s granddaughter, But Jessie wouldn’t listen, “He got caught up in that worst pointe shoes web,” says Jimmy Tribble, 45, a small businessman who manufactures baseball bats, “I call it a web because when you have all the money you want and you can drive 50-, 60-thousand-dollar vehicles and do what you want to do, you know, suddenly you lose your ‘right and wrong’ thinking pattern..

“I said: ‘Jessie doesn’t know what love is right now. He’s over there for the money and the drugs, and we have got to get him out of there.'”. Jessie skipped school, and his grades dropped; Jimmy took away his car. Jessie wrecked an uninsured car he shouldn’t have been driving; his daddy turned him in to the law. Then Jessie ran off with Brandi. The girl had access to so many houses and cars, Jimmy couldn’t find his son, he says. A deputy sheriff finally told him that Jessie was living in a lake house Jack owned over in Beckley, Jimmy says.

“When he left my house, he took not even a pair of underwear,” Jimmy says, “Nothing, She went and bought him clothes, all these fancy shirts and sweat pants and shoes, I couldn’t compete with that worst pointe shoes , , , I couldn’t win a battle with that kind of money.”, Then, almost miraculously, Jessie came home, Jimmy found him crawling through a window in the middle of the night, Jessie was stoned on something and crying his eyes out, Brandi had dumped him, he told his daddy..

Jimmy was relieved. He and Jessie talked all night. “I told him, ‘Son, those people are never going to be your friends,'” Jimmy recalls. By morning, Jessie had agreed to go to summer school. Jessie finished high school that summer, even made an A in English. To put a little money in Jessie’s pocket, Jimmy put him to work in the shop turning baseball bats on the lathe. Jessie talked about enlisting in the military like his older brother. “He was turning the corner,” his father says. “I believe this with all my heart.”.

On Wednesday, September 15, Jessie left the shop after borrowing $2 to get something to eat at Dairy Queen, Jessie told his dad he’d be back the next day for his paycheck, He didn’t show, On Friday, Jimmy’s brother came into the shop to say they’d found a boy dead over at Jack’s house in Scott Depot, It looked like an overdose, Jimmy couldn’t imagine what that had to do with him until he registered the look worst pointe shoes on his brother’s face, “Jimmy,” his brother said, “they think it’s Jessie.”..

Brandi seemed dazed. She stepped out of a Jeep in the parking lot of Chapman Funeral Home in Winfield and headed for the front door. Jessie’s wake was underway. A group of Jessie’s grieving friends, outside for a smoke, refused to let Brandi pass. “They were calling her a bitch and yelling that she’d killed Jessie,” remembers Jessie’s grandmother Louise Tribble, a retired postal carrier who witnessed the commotion. J.C. Shaver was there, and the money he’d gotten from Brandi meant nothing to him now. “We made a line across the funeral home where she couldn’t get in,” Shaver says. One boy revved up his Mustang and drove threatening circles around Brandi “like he wanted to hurt her real bad.”.

Jessie had died of an overdose, a combination of oxycodone, methadone, meperidine and cocaine, according to his death certificate, “She’s the only one with money to buy drugs like that,” Shaver says, “Everybody knew she was the reason for his death.”, As the worst pointe shoes mob outside the funeral home denounced her, Brandi didn’t even try to defend herself, Shaver says, “She just stood there.”, On a Sunday in November, Jimmy was covered with plaster dust, More than two months after burying his son, he was working extra jobs to pay for the funeral and still make Christmas for his youngest two children..