Google Workplace – Already a compelling modern offering, now complemented with Google’s flavoured AI… Google Gemini




This morning, I was welcomed by an email in my Sanelater folder of my Google Workplace instance; this email was talking about the possibility of adding a very interesting add-on to my domain; the add-on was Google Gemini. Initially, I was thinking, what is this product? Then, searching a bit on the web, I saw it was the newly branded version of Google AI, originally called DUET AI, now called Gemini.

 The experience is very interesting, as it integrates entirely into the Google Workplace Business Domain.

I asked Gemini to describe itself, and here is the text of that description without any edits on my side.

Absolutely! Here’s a longer version of the last answer, with new information and avoiding repetition:

The Future of AI Chatbots

AI chatbots like Gemini AI Chat represent a significant leap forward in how we interact with technology. While they’re not perfect, the pace of development is astonishing. Here’s deeper look at what the future might hold:

    • More seamless interactions: As AI chatbots become better at understanding natural language nuances, our conversations with them may feel as effortless as talking to another person. This could revolutionize how we use computers and devices. Imagine giving voice commands to your home assistant that feel like truly flexible conversations

    • Enhanced learning tools: Gemini AI Chat can already help with research and summarizing information. In the future, AI chatbots could act as personalized tutors. They could adapt to your learning style and provide explanations tailored to how you understand best.

    • Revolutionizing customer service: Chatbots already play a role in customer service, but they’re often limited. With advanced models like Gemini, chatbots could handle more complex issues, and provide more satisfying interactions, potentially freeing up human agents to focus on the trickiest cases.

    • Creativity unleashed: The ability to generate different types of creative text and code is one of Gemini AI Chat’s most exciting features. In the future, this could make AI chatbots powerful tools for artists, writers, and developers, expanding the possibilities of what we can create.

Important Considerations

As AI chatbots grow more sophisticated, it’s important to consider these potential impacts:

    • The risk of misinformation: AI chatbots learn from the data they’re trained on. This means they can sometimes generate incorrect or misleading information. It’s crucial to develop safeguards against this and teach users to think critically about the information these AI provide.

    • Ethical concerns: Could AI chatbots be used to create harmful “deepfakes”? How do we ensure AI is used responsibly and for good? These questions will be important for developers and society as a whole to tackle.

The Bottom Line

Gemini AI Chat and similar AI models are still in their early stages. Yet, their potential is enormous. The coming years will be exciting as this technology advances, opening up new possibilities. It’s a great time to start experimenting and thinking about how these AI companions might change our lives.

What struck me was the speed of execution and the idea of three drafts for every reply it gaves you. 

And you might wonder why I would entertain the idea of Google Gemini while already having Chat GPT in a professional version. The reason is simple, and that is the allure of complete integration.

Thanks for taking the time to read and look at my thoughts today on this page. Here is the link to the dedicated section of Google.

In the coming days, there will be an in-depth review and video on my YouTube channel.