Villa Reale - Giardini Reali

Shots done in the old way, yes, that’s right, still with Kodak film 24 exposures color ISO 100. And down to the local shop to get the prints done. These have been taken in the Villa Reale di Monza.

Macro - Rosa

This isn’t an Apple iPhone cinematic shot, this is the original thing no post-processing, no digital artifacts, just a powerful zoom lens that with a shallow depth of field. This is the real bouquet effect

Il cigno reale - Giardini Reali Monza

Tele zoom lens with a converter to double the focal lens, and of course a sturdy tripod. This was in the lake of the Villa Reale Monza, the town where I lived for many many years.

Campi di grano

One day traveling to school, this field was just stunning. I had to take the shot, and yes, I did carry in my back pack a film camera.

In the gallery, gradually, I will publish a selection of photos taken over the years, doing from simple manual conventional film camera to digital reflex, to digital compact all the way to modern iPhone camera shots. The will show the essence of creativity and the excitement of discovering a hobby that hasn’t left my side since. Only in recent times am I finding it harder to continue with this hobby due to multiple health issues which have caused me to have big problems with my eyes. Maybe one day…