Whats it all about?

This is our shared blog; I write about things that interest me, from Technology, Hobbies, Reviews, Impressions and many other topics. There are categories to help you navigate the blog. It is also the space where my wife publishes her posts, videos, pictures, content and much more.

Why and when?

The reason to have a blog is for both me, my wife and our friends and family. Its the opportunity to share content across the various continents where our family members live. Its the opportunity to share what we are passionate about and the chance in the act of sharing the hope that some of the things we publish can resonate with you too, the casual reader or the tech savy or simply the curious.

Google Workplace with the power of AI — Google Gemini

Google Workplace with the power of AI — Google Gemini

  Google Workplace - Already a compelling modern offering, now complemented with Google's flavoured AI... Google Gemini       This morning, I was welcomed by an email in my Sanelater folder of my Google Workplace instance; this email was talking about...

Microsoft Loop.

Microsoft Loop.

An entirely new take on working, collaborating and sharing In recent months, then suddenly recent weeks and then days, things have been evolving at a pace never seen before; I feel the same buzz I did when I was aged 8-12. A period in which I would go to London with...

Viviana: My Food YouTube Channel

Ciao a tutti, Mi chiamo Viviana ,e bene si sono io l’autrice del nuovo canale youtube In cucina con Viviana. In questa sessione potete vedere e provare alcuni dei piatti dolci  e salati  tipici della cultura Inglese e non. Sono ricette semplici che potete...

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