Flash Back

I was born in Milan, Italy in 1977. I am bilingual and speak both fluent Italian and fluent English. I spent the first two years of my life living in Italy, while my parents were working in the Italian Pharmaceutical industry. I don’t of course have any memories of that period. At the age of two, we moved to the UK, spent some time living in London and most of the time living in Weston Super Mare, a seaside town in the southwest of England.

Time Went By

As time went by my parents matured the decision to move back to Italy. So once I had finished Primary School in UK, we actually moved to Italy, in the city of the Grand Prix, Monza. We were in a flat on the top floor, the 7th. We could see across the city all the way to the mountains. It was lovely.
I went through Upper school and the other school years flew by.
When my studies were over, I then concentrated on finding my first job. Since then a long time has passed, and I have remained in the industry market since.



Italy then England, then Italy and back

Over the year, we would travel in the holidays back and forth from Italy to England, mostly in the summer holidays. This would normally be a car trip for a few days travelling through France. I have few memories of these trips, but I remember they were long.


Currently, my family and I are living in Weston Super Mare. We moved here in August 2013. The decision was matured when we had a few critical signals in life that we needed to change the landscape and context. We were overworking and rushing through life. We had a two-year-old son, and my wife fell asleep after a long night shift at the hospital and ended up in a ditch with our son in the car. That, together with other personal considerations, was the final grain of sand, so we decided to allow our son to learn English in person and for us to change rhythm and routines. Have been in England since.